Looking to develop your staff but not sure where to turn? At Infection Control Training Group we have a variety of training programs to suite your organization. If you don't see what you're looking for, we can custom develop training specific to your needs.
Applying the CSA Z317.13-17 to your next project takes forethought. Our experience and practical knowledge can help your design team save $$$ in construction costs as well as maintenance and repair costs over the buildings life when following IC prevention measures. ICTG will help your capital projects succeed regardless of size. Make sure your PMA/ICRA leave no surprises once your project specifications go to tender.

COURSE Offerings:

The BasicsInfection Control For Technicians
This is for you if you have had no Infection Control training. This will cover the who, what, where, why and how in easy to understand principles and practices.

IntermediateMaking It Work
This is for you if you’ve done some work in HCF’s. You’re ready to address challenges and issues in applying the CSA standard. We start where the basics left off and take you to the next level.

ProfessionalIPAC Strategy and Design
This is for you if you are an MDT member or design professional.


If you are starting to plan a construction or renovation project, we can help you develop the best project multi-disciplinary team (MDT) and guide your prevention measure analysis (PMA) and infection control plan (ICRA). Getting the right information into the tender documents removes confusion and gets more accurate pricing. Our experience in communicating across the clinical/contractor divide will help set expectations that meet your expectations. Contact us at the beginning of your project design and tender/bid preparations.