Lionsgate Contracting joins real estate owners and managers with some of the most talented & dedicated tradesman, craftsman, and contractors the Lower Mainland has to offer. Underlying every successful project are terrific people working together. Lionsgate Contracting takes a people centric approach to providing our customers with the right solutions to their building, renovation, restoration, or maintenance needs.

At Lionsgate Contracting, we are dedicated to fostering healthier communities. From the creation of our recycled fiber-based Masarone artisan floor, to giving away ‘project waste’ for re-use by others rather than land filling, to using low water cleaning methods, we are constantly looking for new, better ways to do business that reduce our footprint.

Our company’s growth has been fuelled by our customers asking us to expand the services we offer. In response to this, we have developed the 4 categories of expertise below:

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