Fire safety for children - VFRS

Often referred to as the masterpiece on the city's website, also known as the Mouse House, this illustration shows the potential fire hazards within a typical North American house. It also shows what proper safety measures should be employed (illuminated sign displaying the street number, water tank straps, etc.). There are a few PDF versions provided on the page (one coloured and one black & white) so that employees in daycare and community centres, as well as libraries can print them up and offer children the possibility of colouring while learning about fire safety.

To learn more and to view the interactive version of this illustration on the City's website, please click here.

"Dragos has proven his ability to grasp concepts quickly and intuitively, and to translate those concepts into a visual cohesive vision, whether that be for a set of icons to be incorporated into a product interface, a Flash presentation for a corporate presentation, or a Web application. I've been impressed with the consistent delivery of high-quality work, with input from me (or other third-party clients) that amounts to a few broad brush strokes. Needless to say, I would work with Dragos again in a heartbeat."
Rahel Anne Bailie
Content strategist
UX professional
Intentional Design

Garbage Separation

Part of a series of similar illustrations, it conveys the message that not everything we tend to throw in the garbage is - actually - garbage. In fact, most of what we throw away can be recycled or brought to specially designated collection points (for unaccepted items or green demolition).

"I had the opportunity and I must say the pleasure to count Dragos as part of the internet development team at Trader Classified Media. Dragos is a professional one can count on. He is a dedicated achiever who always delivers."
Zouhaire Sekkat
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Green home policies

This illustration served as the starting point for the interactive graphic currently seen on the City of Vancouver's website. It replaced 18 pages of content with one fun and easy to navigate infographic.

Click here to see how this works on the website.

"It takes no effort for Dragos to translate what his clients want into exceptionally creative designs with outstanding quality and detail. Dragos is highly committed to his work and his team."
Guillermo Schwarz
Sofware Architecture
Trader Media

How to set out your garbage

Illustration-style infographic created for the How to set out your garbage and recyclables section of the City of Vancouver website.

"Dragos was quick to understand the needs of our project. In particular, he was asked to create some icons, never an easy task! The icons he produced were creative without being to far "out there". He was quick and willing to make adjustments through several feedback loops. I was happy to learn quickly that I could count on Dragos to produce good work with a fast turn around."
Linda Francis
Innovation | UX/CX Strategy
Fandango Consulting Inc.

Greening City Facilities

Illustration-style infographic created for the Greening City Facilities section of the City of Vancouver website.

"Dragos was in charge of the design for the mike's hard lemonade intranet, mark anthony corporate website, mark anthony brands website, both mark anthony and mike's hard career sites and some advertising materials for mike's hardlemonade."
Jerzy Zwierzchowski
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COV Technical Illustrations

These illustrations were created for various sections of the City of Vancouver website.

"Dragos did web design at Mark Anthony when we worked together. His design work was very much appreciated and he implemented very creative solutions. He helped me to finalize the web design for a Webspeed application."
Dumitru Cotfas
ERP Manager
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Deer Lake Gallery

Illustrations and logos created for the Deer Lake Gallery.

"Dragos is a very talented web designer. I hired Dragos a few years ago and I was very pleased with his performance. Dragos is very easy to work with, requires minimal supervision and takes pride on his work. I would definitely hire Dragos again."
Mihai Strusievici
IT Manager
Legal Services Society

Lionsgate Group

Illustrations and logos created for the Lionsgate Group.

"Dragos' enthusiasm for this industry and his work comes through on a daily basis. Even though his lengthy experience would warrant wanting to approach tasks on his own, he is always welcoming to new ideas and collaboration. His creativity and detailed organization are much appreciated and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him."
Michael Levi
Database Administrator

Ecoblast Group

Illustrations and logos created for the Ecoblast Group.

"Dragos is an excellent designer with great illustration skills. He worked on different print & web projects for the company and did wonderful job all time. Learn fast and deliver jobs professionally in all manner."
Sherly Ho
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