The Anatomy of Content

This infographic was requested by the Director of the Web Redevelopment Project and used in various presentations throughout the organization. It explains the anatomy of content in a very friendly manner.

"Dragos is a talented and curious graphic designer, always ready to step outside the boundaries to try something new without losing consistency in solid delivery."
Tracy Vaughan
Public Engagement Manager
City of Vancouver

Picnic - Do I need a reservation?

This infographic was created for the Permits section of the website and it shows at a glance if one requires a permit for having a picnic in a public space. Notice that if there are over 150 participants, one requires a Special Events permit.

"Dragos provided creative services on a couple projects I was strongly involved with. He has good attention to detail coupled with a friendly persona, delivering professional results, with a highly likeable personality. Dragos is multi-talented and therefore able to fulfil many different roles, whilst being strong in each. A good addition to any creative digital team."
Paul Greasby
User Centre Limited

How to pay your parking ticket

There are multiple versions of this infographic since this process was the most challenging to describe. The one to the left was designed in a more fun way of showing the user what happens in the event of getting a parking ticket, when to pay to avoid penalties and what percentage of people choose to take advantage of the 50% discount, or how many tickets get dismissed in the event of a dispute (please note these percentages are based on estimations done in previous years).

Due to space constraints on the website, a very simplified infographic was chosen to be displayed. Please click here to view that version.

"Dragos is a talented, diligent designer, one who understands and maintains the balance between the infinite possibilities of design and the very finite realities of business. I would be more than happy to work with Dragos again in the future."
Jeremy Gray
Development Manager
Trader Corporation

How to set out your garbage

Just like the previous infograpic, this too has been designed in various ways, very distinct from one another. Some have been used in presentations, others in print materials, but due to the need for extremely accurate portrayal of the garbage bin, recycling bags and other elements that make up the process of setting up the garbage and recyclables, image-based infographics were chosen for these sections. Click here to see the current version on the website.

"Dragos is a capable, creative and skilled web designer. He is passionate about his work. His designs are visually appealing and strong graphically. He always delivers even when time is very tight. He is professional and has a thorough understanding of the web development process. He is very personable and easy to get along with. Following strict design criteria from management is not a problem for Dragos. It was a privilege to work with Dragos on my team as he was always willing to offer a fresh perspective and clean, simple solutions - without compromising quality. Dragos gets my full endorsement."
Melanie Ringler
Online Production & Design Manager
Trader Corporation

West Coast Cities

Requested by the Senior Content Strategist in charge of the About Vancouver section of the website, this infographic shows how our city compares with other municipalities on the West Coast in terms of history and land area size.

"Dragos has the design skills that allow him to give your business a striking and unforgettable image. He is a very creative designer and strives to produce only top quality projects. I am happy to have worked with him and I am sure he would be a great addition to any company."
Ioan Sova
Senior .NET Consultant/Team Lead
Trader Corporation

Rezoning & Community Amenity Contributions

This infographic was requested by the Engineering Department of the City of Vancouver and its intent is to clarify this complicated process, which normally is described in lenghty documents. Used in presentations and print materials. A version for web is currently under development.

"Dragos is a very talented web designer. His design ideas are creative and his work shows his inspirations and mixed with years of experience in different fields. I highly recommend Dragos to any web design positions."
Alex Tsung
.NET Developer
Trader Corporation

Billing Schedule

Billing schedule infographic takes on the challenging task of showing at a glance when different utilities bills are being due. It provides information on where to find the route number on the bill and also a calendar with the days in each month when the bills can be expected. Alternatively, interactive infographics have also been provided. Click here to see these on the website.

"I had the pleasure of working with Dragos at Trader Corp, and would highly recommend him to any design & development environment. I found his design skills to be creative, rational, and applied with high attention to detail. Dragos was a team player, and proactive communicator. He is a designer/developer who could articulate solutions to problems, and has the experience and professional to be a client facing asset also."
Karen Scully
Contract Project Manager
Trader Corporation

Property, Home and Streets

Research shows that most citizens who visit the City's website are interested in matters relating to their property first and foremost, then in the ones related to their street/community and finally the ones dealing with the city. This interactive graphic was designed with this aspect in mind. Please click here to see how it works.

"I've worked with Dragos for over 5 years on many different projects. In that time he has proven himself to be an intelligent and creative designer with an acute ability to understand what clients want, but also need. He's demonstrated an expert level knowledge of industry standard graphics applications, and has extensive experience working on enterprise level applications requiring performance to be taken into account as well as aesthetics."
Edward Illing
Development Director
Electronic Arts

DTES Planning Process

Requested by the staff from Social Development for the Downtown Eastside Local Area Planning Process documents, this infographic has been used both online and in various print materials. This version shows the current stage of the process, which at that time was Reviewing.

"Dragos developed top quality design for both and I had the opportunity to develop requirements for some of the microsite projects and was co-opted by the development team during user testing of the design. His designs were clean, created inside compressed timelines, and flexible to the needs of the business. It would be a pleasure to work with him on any project in the future."
James Richardson
Vice President of Operations
Engine Digital

Garbage Separation

Part of a series of infographics displayed throughout the website, this graphic clearly shows what you should and - most importantly - what you shouldn't place in your garbage bin. Click here to see a related infographic on the website.

"For over 5 years, Dragos reported into my group working as a Web Designer on our high traffic sites including, &, bringing creativity, skill and passion to our fast paced, complex projects. He was a strong contributor and I would be happy to provide a personal reference at any time. Dragos has my full endorsement."
Allen Wales
Vice President, Technology

Food Strategy Action Plan

This infographic was created in collaboration with the Corporate Communications department at the City of Vancouver and the staff responsible for the Food Strategy Action Plan. Designed for print, presentations, it is planned to have available on the site in a PDF format.

"Dragos is a talented designer with an eye for detail. He is dedicated to his work and his passion towards his craft is self-evident when looking at what he produces. He's a colleague you can count on and I wouldn't hesitate to hire him for any project, big or small."
Markus Jeon
Founder / Chief Architect

Homelessness Action Week

Part of a series of infographics and charts displaying data on behavioural disorders, trauma and substance use among homeless people - all this compiled in a report presented to the Mayor and the City Council during the Homelessness Action Week.

"Dragos helped successfully communicate homeless count data through creative infographics. He was quick, creative and a great help!"
Celine Mauboules
Senior Planner, Housing Policy
City of Vancouver

Homelessness Action Week

Part of a series of infographics and charts displaying data on behavioural disorders, trauma and substance use among homeless people - all this compiled in a report presented to the Mayor and the City Council during the Homelessness Action Week.

"Dragos worked for me for the last few years as a designer on various Trader sites like,, (now Hometrader) etc. His work for me involved all areas of web site design. He is very efficient at what he does and I have sometimes been amazed by the speed at which he has been able to produce results. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors."
Anand Kulanthaivelu
Web Development Manager
Trader Corporation

COV Content Strategy

Part of the challenge in redesigning the website was scaling down from 66,000 pages of content and choosing only the vital ones. This infographic shows with accuracy (each card represents a specific percentage) how the work load was divided.

"Dragos is a driven, results-oriented professional who excelled in Trader's fast-paced e-commerce environment. Dragos would be an asset to any company looking to enhance their online presence and the scope of their market offering."
Todd Dixon
National Infrastructure Supervisor
Trader Corporation

COV Content Strategy

This infographic, just like the previous one, describes the enormous amount of pages that were part of the old site and how they were prioritized for different phases of the project.

"Dragos is a very creative and enthusiastic graphics designer. He would take on any challenge and deliver a top-notch quality work."
Aleksei Chudinov
Senior Software Developer
Trader Corp.